Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins have always been recognised as delivering the best audio experience at any level. Techniques and materials honed to perfection in our core models have been successfully carried over to our custom products, so that those who want to hear everything whilst seeing nothing have had a clear solution.

The affordable Bowers & Wilkins CI300 Series provides high-quality sound everywhere. They are designed to provide audio in tricky to reach, high-moisture environments such as shower rooms and indoor swimming pools. The same is true of the CI300 In-wall. These speakers may be designed to be nearly invisible to the eye, but the sound they produce is infinitely pleasing to the ear.


  • The speakers features a Poly-propylene cone bass/midrange driver and a soft dome tweeter for a balanced wide-angle listening.
  • Great sound in high-humidity environments such as saunas and indoor swimming pools.

The CI300 Series – In-wall offers high-quality sound everywhere.

  • 150mm (6in) Poly-propylene cone.
  • Two-way in-wall loudspeakers, balanced for wide-angle listening.