At Bowers & Wilkins we invest a lot of time in making sure the sound quality of our speakers is the best that can be achieved. But we also understand the importance of making sure they seamlessly integrate into their surroundings. Key new features incorporated into the design of the CI600 Series has ensured that our speakers are heard and not seen.

Famous Nautilustm technology.

  • Re-engineered for build-in tweeters.
  • Same effect as renowned tapered tube Nautilus design:
    • Absorbs any unwanted sonic radiation.
    • Results in a more focussed, natural high frequency sound.

Woven fabric cones with unique geometrie.
Made from Kevlar® or glass fiber.

  • 150mm (6in) or 200mm (8in) bass/midrange cone. Choose 200mm (8in) for more spaciousness.
  • Perfectly controlled sound.
  • Remarkably clean, clear and dynamic.
  • Reduces standing waves.
  • Minimises coloration.
  • Leaves transient ‘attack’ unblurred.
  • Dark blue or black for minimal visibility.


Perfect sound experience through Off-axis optimising.

  • Various angle positions for tweeters.
  • Now also for midrange frequencies.
  • With a convenient switch on the baffle front.
  • Enjoy near perfect sound anywhere in the room.BW_600inceiling-tegel1280x855-4-minBW_600inceiling-tegel1280x855-2-min

Rigid die-cast drive unit chassis.

  • Brings more structure to the speaker.
  • For a thightly controlled sound reproduction.
  • Results in a cleaner, faster bass.