We invest a lot of time listening to installers from all over the world to find out what is important to them. Throughout the Custom Installation Series you will find many features that have been developed in response to what installers have told us – from features that make the installation process quicker and easier through to those that make these speakers the best sounding installation speakers we have ever produced.

Super fast installation.

1 Fast cable connection.

  • Speaker cable is conveniently integrated into the frame.
  • Have both hands for installation.
  • Just push the baffle into place.
  • Cable interference blocks create a secure connection.

2 QuickDog™ frame.

  • Newly developed for all our Custom Installation models.
  • Install the QuickDog™ frame in seconds solid into the wall.
  • Without any tools.
  • Just by simply pushing the ‘dogs’ down.
  • Save valuable installation time.
  • Minimum risk to damage the wall.

3 Push speaker into place.

  • Convenient push-to-close fasteners.
  • No screws and screwdriver needed.
  • Friction free magnetic grilles.
  • Hold the grille in place, the magnets will do the rest.
  • Removal is just as easy.
  • No time consuming friction fit.
  • No risk for damage to the grill.

Optional: Pre-mount kit for CWM663 and CWM664.

  • Identifies the position of the speaker during construction.
  • Provides a guide for cutting plasterboard.