Bowers & Wilkins remains at the forefront of speaker innovation thanks to our ongoing investment in technology. The CI700 Series – In-ceiling features Nautilus™ tweeters and FST Aramid fiber midrange drive units. The 700 Series – In-ceiling speakers are designed to be as flexible as possible. A range of different sizes and configurations allows you to select the perfect system for your needs. This serie is all about maximising performance in the minimum amount of space.

Optimum sound.
All of the CI700 In-ceiling speakers have been carefully designed to create the optimum sound dispersion. The baffle is formed from a single moulding.

  • Resulting in an incredibly rigid structure. A scallop underneath the tweeter.
  • For the perfect roll off for high frequencies.
  • More accurate sound reproduction.BW_700inceiling-tegel1280x855-3-min

Unbeatable midrange.

  • The FST midrange (only CCM7.3) driver has a ring of foam. This allows the cone to be more responsive and to move more freely, creating an unbeatable midrange.
  • With a conventional roll surround these energies would be reflected back into the cone and smudge the sound. The FST soaks them up, like a circular shock absorber around the cones edge.

BW_700inceiling-tegel1280x855-4-minNatural-high frequencies.
The Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter has been a feature of the CT700 Series since the beginning. And now you’ll also find this high performance technology in CI700 In-ceiling.

  • Results in a more focussed, natural high frequency sound.
  • Zero coloration from the back of the speaker.
  • Much purer sound from the front.
  • Absorbs any unwanted sonic radiation.

BW_700inceiling-tegel1280x855-2-minExhausting listening tests.
We carry out exhaustive listening tests rigorously assessing the performance of each component until we find the optimum component for each position in the circuit.

  • Fine-tuning by ear is only possible if the crossover is simple.
  • The section of the crossover that perhaps benefits most from our policy of listen-and-learn is the part handling the signal for the tweeter.
  • In the CI700 series, it is carried by ear-chosen components that preserve the very finest detail.