If you love the idea of enjoying a true cinema sound Experience or astounding HiFi sound in your home, but don’t have a cinema proportioned room to match, Custom Installation 700 Series speakers are the answer.

This range has a compact design that makes it easy to slot them into tight spaces without any loss of sound quality. And you have all the ingredients you need for a stunning acoustic experience, whether you’re watching movies or listening to music.

Smart speaker design, fits every interior.
Thin bezels.

  • No larger than 8mm.

Barely noticeable.

  • Everything behind the grille is dark.
  • Helps the speaker blend into its surroundings.
  • Possibility to spray in the colour you like.

To meet the demands of various approaches of high quality sound experience, the CI 700 Series – In-ceiling offers a range of speakers with specific characteristics.

  • FST midrange driver. Creates an unbeatable midrange (only CCM7.3).
  • Aramid fiber units. Aramid fiber provides an even cleaner, clear and dynamic sound.
  • Soft dome Nautilus™ tube tweeter. The Nautilus™ technology results in a more focused natural high frequency sound.
  • 3-way or 2-way speaker systems. Choose 3-way for a perfectly balanced sound (only CCM7.3).