Bowers & Wilkins remains at the forefront of speaker innovation thanks to our ongoing investment in technology. The CI700 Series – In-wall features Nautilus™ tweeters and FST Aramid fiber midrange drive units while a hinged reservoir box increases the internal volume of the speakers.The 700 Series – In-wall speakers are designed to be as flexible as possible. A range of different sizes and configurations allows you to select the perfect system for your needs. This serie is all about maximising performance in the minimum amount of space.

Full & vibrant sound.
Retrofitting speakers can cause a reduction in volume around the speaker.

  • To compensate for this we’ve created a hinged reservoir box to increase the internal volume:
    • Improved low frequencies.
    • Better overall soundstage.

You’ll be guaranteed a full, vibrant sound, no matter how restricted your space.BW_700inwall-tegel1280x855-3-minNatural high frequencies.
The Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter has been a feature of the CT700 Series since the beginning. And now you’ll also find this high performance technology in CI700 In-wall.

  • Results in a more focussed, natural high frequency sound.
  • Zero coloration from the back of the speaker.
  • Much purer sound from the front.
  • Absorbs any unwanted sonic radiation.BW_700inwall-tegel1280x855-4-min

Unbeatable midrange.

  • The FST midrange (only CWM7.3) driver has a ring of foam. This allows the cone to be more responsive and to move more freely, creating an unbeatable midrange.
  • With a conventional roll surround these energies would be reflected back into the cone and smudge the sound. The FST soaks them up, like a circular shock absorber around the cones edge.

For great bass, you need a regulated supply of air. That’s where our Flowport™ venting system comes in.

  • Air passes in and out of the speaker as smoothly and soundlessly as possible.
  • The surface is covered in tiny dimples.


  • Natural low frequencies.
  • Improved bass performance.
  • Great bass.

BW_700inwall-tegel1280x855-2-minCT700 Series.
700 In-wall shares many technologies with the mighty Custom Theatre 700 Series.

  • Easy to create a home theatre set-up with the CT700 Series.
  • Mixes and matches speakers from both ranges.