The new Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Series Diamond range of custom installation speakers is engineered for discerning customers who demand great hi-fi and home cinema sound from loudspeakers that occupy minimal space. This exceptional range of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers features all the key transducer technologies developed for the globally renowned 800 Series Diamond including Diamond dome tweeters, Continuum midrange drivers and Aerofoil bass cones. The result is outstanding levels that once again raise the bar for custom installation loudspeakers.

Audiophile performance
CWM8.3 D is a three-way in-wall loudspeaker, conceived to offer the very best performance for a customer requiring great sound without seeing the source. It features a decoupled Diamond dome tweeter, a 5in Continuum FST midrange drive unit and two 7in Aerofoil low-frequency drivers.

CWM8.5 D is a two-way in-wall loudspeaker. It offers exceptionally high performance from a compact loudspeaker. It features a decoupled Diamond dome tweeter and a single 7in bass/mid Continuum driver with anti-resonance plug. For optimum discretion when installed, the Continuum cone is given a dark finish.

The CI800 Series Diamond features the new Continuum cone, our remarkable new midrange driver technology. The result of an eight-year research and development project, Continuum was introduced in our flagship 800 Series Diamond and delivers pristine midrange performance.


The quality of the CI800 Series Diamond drive units is such that we’ve been able to make the speaker’s first-order crossover one of the simplest – and best – we’ve ever produced. Using the same exceptional, handpicked components found in the flagship 800 Series Diamond.


First developed for the 800 Series Diamond, Aerofoil cones deliver incredible bass performance. The ultralight yet exceptionally stiff Aerofoil design combines a computer-optimised form, carbon-fibre outer ‘skins’ and a light syntactic foam core to ensure accurate, punchy bass.


Diamond tweeter
All the knowledge and experience gained during the development of the revolutionary 800 Series Diamond has been transformed in to the CI800 Series Diamond. It’s the best-performing series of custom installation speakers we’ve ever produced. Incredibly light, yet unbelievably rigid, diamond is the ultimate tweeter material. By distorting less than conventional materials, such as aluminium, the Diamond dome pushes away the moment of first break-up from the 40 kHz of the out-going range to well over 70 kHz. Delivering the most revealing, natural treble you will ever hear.

Rotating baffle
The central baffle is rotatable, so CWM8.3 D can be used in either vertical or horizontal alignment.

Ease of installation
CWM8.3 CI800 Series Diamond features back boxes that are fully Matrix™ braced, for extra rigidity and improved performance. The back boxes feature bi-wirable cables that are guided to the terminal panel through tubes and connect to the baffle electronically with a multi-pin connector. Despite their dramatically enhanced performance every new model fits into the back boxes and apertures of the outgoing CI800 Series, so owners can easily upgrade to the dramatically improved performance offered by the new range.

The back boxes also connect to the baffle electronically, with a multi-pin connector.

The back boxes feature high quality bi-wirable cables that are guided to the terminal panel through tubes.

Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Series Diamond
Each of our Custom Installation speakers has been developed with the same care and attention that we lavish on our more conventional, cabinet-based designs. Thanks to 50 years of experience in speaker development and our ongoing investment into science and technology we continue to lead the way when it comes to sound quality. Our CI800 Series Diamond is no exception.

For decades, the pioneering innovations developed at Bowers & Wilkins have influenced the way speakers are designed and built all over the world. Technological advances that can be found wherever sound quality matters, including top recording studios such as Real World Studios and Skywalker Sound Studios.