If you love the idea of enjoying a true cinema sound Experience or astounding HiFi sound in your home, Custom Installation 800 Series mspeakers are the answer you are looking for. Conceived to offer the very best performance, without seeing the source. With these speakers you have all the ingredients you need for a stunning acoustic experience, whether you’re watching movies or listening to music.

To meet the demands of various approaches of high quality sound experience, the CI800 Series – In-wall offers a range of speakers with specific characteristics:

  • Fibre Rohacell Bass drivers (only CWM8.3), for a solid, natural and powerful bass.
  • FST midrange driver. Creates an unbeatable midrange (only CWM8.3).
  • Kevlar® units. Kevlar® provides an even cleaner, clear and dynamic sound.
  • Carbon Braced tweeter with Nautilus™ Tube results in a more focused natural high frequency sound.BW_800inwall-tegel1280x855-7-min

Purpose built custom CI800 theatre for Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013.
Designed & Built by Mutrox, www.mutrox.com