Bowers & Wilkins remains at the forefront of speaker innovation thanks to our ongoing investment in technology. The versatile Cinema 7 Series features Nautilus™ tweeters, Aramid fiber drive units and the rewarded QuickDog installation system. It enables enthusiasts to realise a wide variation of high quality Hifi and home theater systems. Cinema 7 is all about maximising performance in the minimum amount of space.

Famous Nautilus™ technology.

  • Renowned tapered Nautilus™ tube design:
    • Absorbs any unwanted sonic radiation.
    • Results in a more focussed, natural high frequency sound.BW_Cinema7inceiling:inwall-tegel1280x855-2-min

Just the way the artist intended you to hear it.
The tweeters in all Cinema 7 models are Nautilus™ Tube Loaded designs, and are fully de-coupled from the rest of the speaker assembly, as in the Cinema 7.

  • This ensures that any vibrations from the LF units do not create unwanted colouration to the tweeter performance.
  • This adds to the audiophile performance of this remarkable custom installation range.BW_Cinema7inceiling:inwall-tegel1280x855-3-min

Woven fabric cones with unique geometrie. Made from Aramid fiber or paper cone.

  • CWM Cinema 7: 2 x 100mm (4in) blue Aramid fiber, 2 x 100mm (4in) paper cone.
  • CCM Cinema 7: 1 x 180mm (7in) blue Aramid fiber.
  • Perfectly controlled sound.
  • Remarkably clean, clear and dynamic.
  • Reduces standing waves.
  • Minimises coloration.
  • Leaves transient ‘attack’ unblurred.
  • Dark blue or black for minimal visibility.BW_Cinema7inceiling:inwall-tegel1280x855-4-min

Rigid die-cast drive unit chassis.

  • Brings more structure to the speaker.
  • For a thightly controlled sound reproduction.
  • Results in a cleaner, faster bass.BW_Cinema7inceiling:inwall-tegel1280x855-5-min