The range includes a directable ceiling speaker that allow the all-important high-frequencies to be directed properly towards the listener and a versatile in-wall speaker ideal for mounting above or below screens for left, centre or right speaker positions in a discreet home cinema system. Cinema 7’s dialogue is crystal clear and special effects come across natural, well balanced and extremely accurate in detail, separation and placement.

Super fast, 3 step installation.

1. Fast cable connection.

  • Speaker cable is conveniently integrated into the frame.
  • Have both hands for installation.
  • Just push the baffle into place.
  • Cable interference blocks create a secure connection.

2. QuickDog frame.

  • Newly developed for all our Custom Installation models.
  • Install the QuickDog frame in seconds solid into the wall.
  • Without any tools.
  • Just by simply pushing the ‘dogs’ down.
  • Save valuable installation time.
  • Minimum risk to damage the wall.

3. Push speaker into place.

  • Convenient push-to-close fasteners.
  • No screws and screwdriver needed.
  • Friction free magnetic grilles.
  • Hold the grille in place, the magnets will do the rest.
  • Removal is just as easy.
  • No time consuming friction fit.
  • No risk for damage to the grill.

BW_Cinema7inceiling:inwall-tegel1280x855-12-minOptional: Back box.

  • Defines a perfect working volume for the speaker.
  • Not only for drywall and solid construction.
  • For an even better sound performance.
  • Increases sound insulation to adjoining rooms.
  • Provides fire safety barriers sometimes required.