Experience home cinema as it was meant to be heard with Bowers & Wilkins’ Custom Theatre 700 Series. Our new range of dedicated custom theatre loudspeakers brings Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series technology and craftsmanship to your home cinema set-up at a cost-effective mid-range price. The three models in the range integrate seamlessly with home theatre cabinetry and can each be positioned as left, centre, right or surround speakers.

There’s nothing middling about this midrange.
Whether it’s the use of Aramid fiber in the cone, advanced FSTTM technology, or a new and improved motor system, we’ve stopped at nothing to make sure this drive unit delivers unrivalled power, depth and clarity.

  • The FST midrange (only CT7.3 LCRS) driver has a ring of foam. This allows the cone to be more responsive and to move more freely, creating an unbeatable midrange.
  • With a conventional roll surround these energies would be reflected back into the cone and smudge the sound. The FST soaks them up, like a circular shock absorber around the cones edge.

Some things don’t change.

  • It’s been 30 years since Bowers & Wilkins first discovered that Aramid fiber makes for ideal midrange cone material.
  • Snuffing out the concentric standing waves that blur the sound in conventional cones.
  • You’ll find this technique in the CT700 series.

For great bass, you need a regulated supply of air. That’s where our Flowport™ venting system comes in.

  • Air passes in and out of the speaker as smoothly and soundlessly as possible.
  • The surface is covered in tiny dimples.


  • Natural low frequencies.
  • Improved bass performance.
  • Great bass.

BW_CT700-tegel1280x855-5-minNatural high frequencies.
The Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter is a legendary technical feature. And now you’ll also find this high performance technology in CT700 series.

  • Results in a more focussed, natural high frequency sound.
  • Zero coloration from the back of the speaker.
  • Much purer sound from the front.
  • Absorbs any unwanted sonic radiation.

BW_CT700-tegel1280x855-2-minCustom options.

  • With the CT700 Series, you have the option of combining the system with speakers in our Custom Installation range.
  • CI speakers make a good substitute for CT700 speakers in positions where space for cabinets is limited.