There is a reason why they call it the movies. And it´s not just to do with what´s happening on screen. Cinema moves you. It transports you to other places; different times, faraway lands, alien worlds. It’s the language of emotions, of dreams. Cinema speaks in transformative experiences. It brings its audience so close to a dream of reality that, just for a moment, they feel as though they can reach out and touch it. At Bowers & Wilkins, that’s a language we understand very well.

The three models in the range integrate seamlessly with home theatre cabinetry and can each be positioned as left, centre, right or surround speakers.


  • The top of the range speaker.
  • Offers unparalled clarity.
  • Powerful low frequency effects.


  • The mid-point speaker in the range.
  • Offers superior performance at lower frequencies.


  • The entry-level speaker.
  • Outstanding spaciousness imaging and definition.

Overall characteristics.

  • Each speaker uses high sensitivity Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeters designed specifically for the reproduction of movie soundtracks.
  • Unique Aramid fiber drive units, the result is extraordinarily life-like, dynamic movie sound quality.
  • The CT7.3 LCRS has a pair of 8 inch bass drive units along with a dedicated Aramid fiber FST™ midrange for unparalleled intelligibility, clarity and definition.
  • The three models have a Flowport™, for a great, powerful and natural bass.