Imagine blasting into the Death Star with Luke Skywalker. Riding shotgun through the streets of San Francisco with Steve McQueen. Feeling Lauren Bacall’s breath on your cheek. The most thrilling cinema experiences are the ones when you feel like you’re actually there, right in the heart of the action. That’s exactly what happens with a CT800 system.

Sound is affected by environment.
This is particularly true of a home theatre system, where multiple speakers are installed inside false walls and cabinets in different positions throughout a room. With so many variables affecting the detail of sound at bass frequencies, how can you be sure you’re always getting the most from your system? It’s simple, thanks to the CT8 XO MK2 active bass management controller.

The CTO XO MK2 gives engineers and installers complete control over every aspect of the system’s bass output. You’re left with a system that sounds smooth and perfectly formed, even if your theatre environment isn’t.

Example integrated CT800 Home Cinema system