It’s this highly refined Bowers & Wilkins technology that equips CT800 speakers for subtlety as well as power: for capturing the emotional nuance in a voice as well as the impact of a car crash or an explosion. In short, they may be the most sophisticated pieces of kit you’ll ever keep in a cupboard. And you won’t ever want to take them out.

The CT8 LR is probably the most technologically advanced, custom installation home theatre speaker the world has ever seen or heard.

  • At the heart of this slim, 3-way front channel speaker is technology borrowed directly from the flagship 800 Series.
  • Integration of the drivers is semi-active via the CT8 XO active crossover/equaliser.
  • A super-rigid spherical pod that incorporates Nautilus™ derived tube loading, cleverly curled-up for compactness. The pod orientation is even adjustable for perfect alignment with the listening area.

BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-8-minA direct descendent of the 800 series.

  • The 800 Series has become the reference speaker of choice for recording studios from skywalker sound California to Abbey Road in London.
  • Now thanks to CT800, you can bring these same world/leading technologies to your home theatre set-up.BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-7-minAn example of a fully integrated CT800 system.
    This system has been designed to operate at the highest possible level of home cinema systems. Even if it’s in a beautiful yacht or in another special environment; these speakers will give you an absolute unforgettable and unique experience.