We believe CT800 speakers will give you the best cinema sound you’ll ever hear at home. That’s thanks to technological innovations that have taken more than 40 years to develop and perfect. Take apart CT800 speakers and you’ll find technologies derived from our most advanced freestanding
speakers: speakers like the ground-breaking Nautilus™, or our reference-standard 800 Series.

Physical forces.
The bass drivers in the CT800 Series are capable of producing very powerful low frequencies. To achieve this we are using advanced technologies.

  • Rohacell® cones.
  • Four inch carbon fiber voice coils.
  • Truly rigid drivers.

Result: Unbelievable and stunning bass performance and capable of handling all stress and pressure that movie sound can throw at it.BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-2-minMoving Head.

  • The midrange and tweeter of the CT8 LR and CT8 CC speakers are contained with a single head unit.
  • Decoupled from the rest of the cabinet so that it can swivel in different directions.

The result

  • You can be sure that detailed treble effects are pointed directly towards your seating area.
  • No matter how wide your screen or where your cabinets are positioned.BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-3-min

Inspiration from Nature.
You will rarely hear high frequencies captured with such startling precision as you will with our CT800 Series.

  • The concept of the Nautilus™ tweeter has been taken one step further.
    • A whirl of tightly-packed smaller channels.
    • Contained in a swallow cup.
  • Absorbs any portion of unwanted sound energy from the back.

Even at frequencies well beyond human hearing, this tweeter sounds like a bird.BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-4-minBass cones must be as light as possible, but absolutely rigid.

  • Rohacell® is a sophisticated composite construction.
  • Made of a hard foam core sandwiched between carbon fibre skins.
  • It’s the kind of material normally used for aircraft, rockets and the bodies of racing cars.
  • For speed, stiffness and un-shakable bass, it’s the bottom line.BW_CT800-tegel1280x855-5-min

Rock-solid unit.
Sound with backbone demands a speaker with backbone.

  • CT800 speakers are given the strength they need by Bowers & Wilkins’ matrix bracing system – an internal grid of interlocking cells.
  • This indomitable skeleton- like that of a building- dissipates forces around the cabinet and creates a single rock-solid unit.

With speakers as powerful as these confined in walls and cupboards, it´s essential that each speaker is as rigid as possibly to avoid any unwanted vibrations and resonances colouring the sound.