To blend in harmoniously with the environment,  the AM-1 can be sprayed in any colour you desire. However, this outstanding speaker deserves to be a real eye-catcher. The AM-1 can be customised and wrapped with any pattern you can think of. Even your own design, logo or favorite image is possible.


Different patterns by graffiti artist Davey ‘Waxx’ Verhaeghe on AM-1 presented at Integrated Systems Europe 2016, Amsterdam.

Cool artists
We decided to celebrate our wonderful AM-1 speaker by collaborating with NY’s finest art suppliers KRINK and asked five visionary artists to handprint our AM-1 speaker.
Graffiti artist and KRINK founder Craig Costello, multimedia artist Tania Debono, illustrator Matt Sewell, typeface obsessive Ricardo Gonzalez and London graffiti legend Malarky have all received a speaker and created a unique piece of art.