Each model in the CI600 Series – In-ceiling is designed to be installed neatly into the ceiling. Fitting virtually flush to the surface. The only visible evidence of each speaker is its slimline grille and frame, which can be painted to blend perfectly with your interior style.

To meet the demands of various approaches to sound experience, the CI 600 Series – In-ceiling offers a wide range of speakers with specific characteristics.

  • 150mm (6in) or 200mm (8in) cone. Choose 200mm (8in) for more spaciousness.
  • Spot-speaker CCM632, 75mm (3in), for small spaces or to be used in multiples for diffuse, background sound.
  • Glass fibre or Aramid fiber cone. Aramid fiber provides an even cleaner, clear and dynamic sound.
  • Soft dome or Nautilus swirl tweeter. The Nautilus technology results in a more focussed natural high frequency sound.
  • Off-axis tweeter optimisation and mid-range equalization for a perfect sound experience anywhere in the room.
  • CCM663RD: RD stands for Reduced Depth – so this speaker will fit into tighter spaces than the standard CCM663.

Versatile smart speaker design, fits every interior.
Thin bezels.

  • No larger than 5mm.

Standard round magnetic grill.

  • Optional square grill available.
  • Possibility to spray in the colour you like.

Barely noticeable.

  • Everything behind the grille is dark.
  • Helps the speaker blend into its surroundings.BW_600inceiling-tegel1280x855-7-min

Spot-speaker CCM632

  • Single full-range driver with a beautifully well-balanced sound.
  • New and innovative ZipDogs™ fixing method.
  • Speakers are supplied in pairs, with each pack including round and square magnetically fixed.
  • Fully customisable, grille/bezel assembly.BW_600inceiling-tegel1280x855-10-min