We invest a lot of time listening to installers from all over the world to find out what is important to them. Throughout the Custom Installation Series you will find many features that have been developed in response to what installers have told us – from features that make the installation process quicker and easier through to those that make these speakers the best sounding installation speakers we have ever produced.

1. Cable connection.

  • Attach speaker cable to provided input wire.
  • Push-on the female connectors into the speaker.
  • Place the rubber boots over the connectors for protection.

2. Insert & secure.

  • Insert the speaker into the ceiling.
  • Turn and tighten the dog clamps.
  • Securing the speaker fast, easy and safe.

3. Fitting the grill.

  • Snap clip fit click-on installation.
  • Easily withstands shock forces on a boat.
  • Notches on outer edge for removal.