Both models, Marine 6 and Marine 8,  are designed to be installed neatly into the ceiling.
Fitting virtually flush to the surface. The only visible evidence of each speaker is its slimline grille and frame, which can be painted to blend perfectly with your interior style.

Smart speaker design, fits every interior.
Thin bezels.

  • No larger than 7mm.
  • Comes with round click-on stainless steel grills.

Barely noticeable.

  • Everything behind the grille is dark.
  • Helps the speaker blend into its surroundings.
  • Dual layer coated tweeter.
  • Easy servicing due to detachable tweeter wing.

In extremis.
Both models boast IP66 ratings when properly installed, and the metal grille and all screws are marine-grade stainless steel. The driver chassis uses a non-corroding rigid polymer and the tweeter dome has a rear support to prevent permanent deformation when hosed down.