A discreet, high-performance soundbar that dramatically boosts the audio performance of your viewing, without the need to fill your living room with speakers. Panorama 2 is the result of intensive research by Bowers & Wilkins renowned engineering team. It includes technologies originally developed for high-end speakers such as the 800 Series Diamond, and uses them to bring a new level of performance to soundbars.

Pure and powerfull experience.
The vast majority of sound from even the most effect-heavy movie soundtrack is delivered through the centre speaker in a surround sound system, and Bowers & Wilkins has worked hard to get this aspect of the Panorama 2 right.BW_panorama2-tegel-1280x855-2-min

Optimum sound.
Panorama 2 features completely upgraded drive units, with dramatically improved acoustic performance. Nine drive units housed within Panorama 2’s sleek and rigid casework.

Five drive units are utilized in the active centre speaker:

  • Two bass woofers and two midrange drivers.
  • Aluminium dome Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeters. The same technology is found in our audiophile hi-fi speakers, such as the reference-standard 800 Series Diamond. The other four drive units provide the rest of the sound, and each one is located within its own enclosure to maintain a purity of performance. All the drive units are powered by six class D amplifiers, providing a combined power output of 175W.

With Panorama 2 movies and music sound clear, clean and true to life.BW_panorama2-tegel-1280x855-4-min

Well connected.
Bring the excitement of cinema-like surround sound to your living room with Panorama 2. Easy to install, and simple to connect to a whole range of home entertainment devices. Panorama 2’s connectivity allows:

  • Simple to connect and operate with HDMI.
  • Full 2-way communication via RS232 in system integration setups.
  • RS232 service port for bi-directional communication via free separate adaptor.
  • Auxiliary in 3.5mm (analog and digital).
  • Connection for external subwoofer (auto sensing with delay setting).BW_panorama2-tegel-1280x855-3-min