We invest a lot of time listening to installers from all over the world to find out what is important to them. Throughout the Custom Installation Series you will find many features that have been developed in response to what installers have told us – from features that make the installation process quicker and easier through to those that make these speakers the best sounding installation speakers we have ever produced.

If Panorama 2 is to be wall mounted, the bracket screw hole positions on the wall must first be established. Use a spirit level to ensure the bracket is level before marking the hole positions.

Drill and plug the wall for appropriate screws. A second person to assist with marking holes and lifting Panorama 2 is recommended.

Use wall plugs that are appropriate for the type of wall construction and ensure that wall, plugs and screws are capable of reliably supporting Panorama 2’s weight (10.6kg/23.4lbs).

Once the bracket has been secured to the wall, Panorama 2 can be lifted into the bracket where it is secured by lugs on its rear face engaging with key-hole slots.