Creative Sounds
Hilversum, The Netherlands

Creative Sounds is a media localisation provider, offering dubbing for international, regional and local content owners, aggregators and new media distributors.

Creative Sounds ready for tomorrow
Besides the studios, Creative Sounds also has a Dolby Atmos® living room simulator, in which clients can experience how the mix made in the Dolby Atmos® studio feels ‘at home’. The living room is equipped with a 65″ Sony 4K TV, a Marantz 7010 receiver, Bowers & Wilkins CWM Cinema 7 surround monitoring with a Bowers & Wilkins PV1D Subwoofer and 4 ceiling-fitted CCM Cinema 7s. The equipment is attractively built into a Mutrox Soundframe. The space is designed entirely according to Dolby standards, which makes it a living room ‘on steroids’.

Because viewers are imposing increasingly higher demands on the display of recorded images (3D, 4k and 8k), the sound they hear obviously cannot be allowed to lag behind. After all, what is the point of a true-to-life picture without high-fidelity audio that precisely matches what people see? Research and sales figures clearly demonstrate that consumers are becoming more demanding and that people want to have the 3D sound they discovered in the cinema in their own living room.

Setting exceptionally high standards
Since its foundation in 2000, Creative Sounds has been an important and influential international player in the area of post-synchonisation, dubbing and audio post-production. With productions like Dora, Thunderbirds are go!, Dragons, Puss in Boots, King Julian, Alvin and the Chipmunks, China Vampiro, The BFG and Shadowhunters, the work of Creative Sounds is known to the public of all ages, although only a few people are aware of the role we play.

With regard to technological developments, Creative Sounds always takes the lead, not only because it facilitates production process economisation, but also and especially to enhance the viewing experience of the projects on which we work. The practical experience that we have built up over the years has been translated into unsurpassed expertise, which has also contributed to Creative Sounds becoming the most modern postproduction/dubbing facility in the Benelux at the present time.

Striving to achieve the highest quality is part of Creative Sounds’ DNA. Irrespective of whether a specific project involves any one of the nine studios, the equipment, the production team, the translators, voice actors or directors, Creative Sounds sets exceptionally high standards for everything. The eight purpose-built recording studios have an identical technical design in order to guarantee that the production process runs as smoothly as possible. Creative Sounds also has a dedicated mix cinema (2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and 7.1.4 Atmos®). The studios are equipped with Neumann microphones, Focusrite pre-amps & dynamics, Bowers & Wilkins Monitoring & Foldback (P7) and the latest versions of Avid’s Pro Tools software.

Creating a more authentic soundscape
Creative Sounds was the first and is still the only studio in the Netherlands to have a Dolby Atmos® facility, which exclusively enables you to offer your customers the technologically most highly advanced end product.

The Dolby Atmos® mixing room is equipped with Pro Tools 12, an Avid S6 controller and a Screen Research projection screen; the 7.1.4 surround sound is handled by the Bowers & Wilkins CI800 line. Creative Sounds’ technical team guides and supports you through every step of the entire process, from the supply of the required source materials to the delivery of your content through selected distribution channels.

Dolby Atmos® is the latest development in audio technology. Dolby Atmos® adds a dimension to the audio spectrum by projecting the sound not only horizontally but also vertically through a space. This creates a more authentic soundscape and viewers are no longer merely spectators, but feel as if they are part of the story that is shown by becoming immersed in the sound.

Loudspeaker Integration
7x CWM8.3
4x CCM8.5
1x CT SW15
1x SA1000
7x CWM Cinema 7
4x CCM Cinema 7

2x Rotel RMB1575
1x Rotel RB-1572