Diamond Cinema, ISE 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With unrivalled technical excellence, design, aesthetics and performance, Diamond Cinema goes far beyond traditional standards.

Dedication to sound
The advantages of new 3D Cinema Sound formats comprise of three main aspects: overhead sound, improved audio quality and greater spatial control and resolution. Overhead sound adds realism. Furthermore equal sound pressure levels for all channels with full frequency response improve the overall sound quality. Being able to position specific discrete sounds in addition to ambient sound in the environment adds a heightened sense of realism. The increased surround resolution creates opportunities to utilize sound in a room-centric way which better supports the on-screen action.

Room ratio
In the design process of a reference theater the room ratios are fundamentally important for the optimal sound distribution in the room. Serious sound reproduction problems like standing waves can be minimalized and better controlled.

The ISE theater ratios: 0,67 x 1 x 1,55.
Internal (6300 x 4050 x 2475 mm).
External (6850 x 4574 x 3050 mm).

Speaker positioning
Diamond Cinema is equipped for 3D sound formats with optimized positioning of speakers in three layers to avoid acousticholes in the soundstage. As standard the angle between the top and low layered speakers, is between 30 – 55 degrees.

Cinema top view 1280 breed


Discreet in every interior
The honeycomb shaped ‘hives absorbers’ have a different thickness (40, 80mm) and in conjunction with the side and back-wall they work according to a quadratic formula as residual diffuser, to take care of first reflections and flutter. They also effectively cover the side CI800 speakers blending them into the harmonic design.

The cinema measures an isolation value of 55 dB(A) which minimizes environmental background noise, resulting in great definition and audible silence in recordings. The isolation value was accomplished by creating a 12000 kg box in box construction, with an internally double decoupled springs system.

Nature of sound
Reflections can cause comb-filtering: when a sound is slightly delayed and arrives a few milliseconds later in comparison to the direct signal, constructive and destructive interference occurs. This can be caused by a nearby reflective surface off which the sound bounces.

In the Diamond Cinema reflections are either absorbed or diffused to achieve an optimal sound reproduction. Related to the volume of the cinema, a reverberation time of 0.45 at 500hz has been implemented, to safeguard a pleasant cinema experience. This reverberation time is not linear across the total frequency band. A proper cinema experience dictates a ‘S’ curve in the total spectrum. In the lower frequencies the reverberation is higher and in the high frequencies lower.

Baffle wall
The reference CI800 Series Diamond speakers have been fully constructed into a baffle wall to avoid backwall cancellation, allowing the loudspeakers to be driven to their optimum level of performance.

Perfect sound and acoustics
In the Diamond Cinema four Bowers & Wilkins subwoofers are optimally configured with acoustical bass management along with Mutrox bass resonators. Multiple subwoofers can reinforce each others bass response and will yield a significantly smoother and more dynamic LFE sound, everywhere in the room. In relative small theaters proper bass management would take up an enormous space. In this theater the bass chunks (20 in total) are placed above the ceiling and absorb broad banded low frequencies. The resulting bass extension radiates control, power and speed. The ceiling itself has been randomly perforated in a diffused pattern with different sized holes to diffuse frequencies above 400 Hz and avoid unwanted reflections (comb filtering).

Mutrox Acoustic SpringFloor System
In this execution of Diamond Cinema a Mutrox Acoustic SpringFloor System has been implemented. This new invention is a reverberating stage floor which is only powered by the subwoofers in the room. The system works via the natural energy of low frequencies, which are produced by the subwoofers. The cavity underneath the stage absorbs the low frequency energy and sets the stage in motion due to a calculated, internal spring system. The result is stunning, a lifelike and natural reverberation while watching film or music.

Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Series Diamond in-wall speakers
Each of our Custom Installation speakers has been developed with the same care and attention that we lavish on our more conventional, cabinet-based designs. Thanks to over forty years of experience in speaker development and our ongoing investment into science and technology we continue to be the leader in sound quality. Our CI800 Series Diamond in-wall speakers are no exception.

For decades, the pioneering innovations developed at Bowers & Wilkins have influenced the way speakers are designed and built all over the world. Technological advances that can be found wherever sound quality matters, including top recording studios such as Real World Studios and Skywalker Sound Studios.

For CI800 Series Diamond Bowers & Wilkins introduces remarkable technologies never seen before in in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Providing pristine, audiophile sound, from speakers that disappear into your environment.

Diamond Cinema
Loudspeakers: Bowers & Wilkins
– 9 x CWM8.3 Diamond (Front Side Rear Wall)
– 5x CCM8.5 Diamond (Ceiling)
– 1x CWM8.5 Diamond (Voice of god)
– 2x DB1D (Subwoofers – front)
– 2x Trinnov Amplitude 8
Automation: Savant
Lighting control: Lutron
Processing: Trinnov (Altitude 32)
Projector: SIM2 Nero 4
Screen: Screen Excellence
Player: Kaleidescape
Cables: AudioQuest