Werelds aan het Strand
Ouddorp, The Netherlands

‘Werelds aan het Strand’ has a musical personality all of its own.
A unique resort with hints of the Caribbean and the charm of the south.

Excellent balance in music
In the development and the realization of this mind-blowing resort the preservation of the environment and habitat has been the primary goal.
The design has been adjusted and completely executed bearing in mind ecological preconditions, characterizing the surrounding nature. Within reasonable possibilities nature is restored and where possible improved.
Supportive to the ultimate opportunity to enjoy the environment and laid back intimacy, good music is blending in seamlessly.

Unobstrusive but clearly present in ‘Werelds aan het Strand’ are 64 Bowers & Wilkins Architectural Monitors (AM-1) and 8 Pressure Vessel Subwoofers (PV1D). For a non-fatiguing experience supporting a laid-back intimacy, the volume levels can be moderately deployed with this amount of loudspeakers, but the music will come at you with great ambient impact. It creates an even soundstage with wide dispersion, great detail and placement throughout the entire premises.


All speakers have been positioned and connected in crossed configuration so the audience can experience a stereo sound reproduction at all places wherever seated. “We experience many moments of goosebumps, also caused by the placement of the subwoofers up at the ceiling. With their round shape they not only provide the excellent balance in the music, but also beautifully match the industrial design. Same for the outdoor speakers, even with the music at low volume level, everything is clearly audible”.

Paradise is closer than you think
Enjoy the glorious excitement of the white sandy beach and the mesmerizing dance of dazzling sunlight on the terrace while sipping on a margarita.At Beachresort Werelds aan het Strand you can relax and rejuvenate your senses, as you experience a wealth of amenities, with a beach-side ambiance that is truly unforgettable.

Michel Schreuder and executive chef Joost Maarschalkerweerd explain: “We didn’t have to think long about using the Bowers & Wilkins sound solutions. We both experience Bowers & Wilkins either at home or at work and are accustomed to their un-compromised sound quality”. We enjoy lovely lounge music and jazz. During the first tests ‘Live in Paris’ of Dianna Krall was playing: “Beautiful, just like happening right in front of us”.


A big sound from a small bubble
No less than 8 PV1D subwoofers are implemented in ‘Werelds aan het Strand’. All PV1D’s are attached to the ceiling ingeniously, hanging upside down fixed with a sturdy metal industrial construction.
Inspired by deep sea pressure vessels, the PV1D’s bubble shape is a beautiful solution to the problems that plague conventional subwoofers.

The PV1D’s inherent stability means it can be pushed just that bit further. The symmetrical mounting of its twin drive units keeps the subwoofer perfectly in balance while hanging so there’s no movement when it rumbles. The back-to-back arrangement also further improves the distribution of pressure inside the speaker.

With its distinctive bubble-shaped cabinet and advanced digital features, the subwoofer offers the perfect combination of performance, flexibility and control.

The subwoofer delivers fast and deep bass. Thanks to it’s automatic calibration and preset options, it was extremely easy to hook up a range of Bowers & Wilkins Architectural Monitor speakers. The 400W Class-D amplifier delivers impressive output levels meeting the specific, yet different needs when demanded in this multifunctional residence.

Loudspeaker Integration
AM-1: Architectural Monitor
PV1D: Pressure Vessel Subwoofer

Rotel: RKBD8100