Domain Oogenlust
Eersel, The Netherlands

Domain Oogenlust comprises a world of experience where visitors can search for visual inspiration, colour, form, structure and sound.

You don’t know where to look first
Crystal-clear tones guide visitors from the car park, past the water and over the bridge to Oogenlust’s shop and showroom. The magnificent, amazing decorations with colourful flowers, rough and sometimes fragile branches, stones and other natural products are a feast for the eye.

Music is like a soft blanket covering the visitors. The combination of what you see and the beautiful sounds that envelop it all take the experience to a higher level.

Marcel and Monique van Dijk have succeeded in utilizing the enormous spaces in their new premises in an extraordinary way. The high ceilings make Oogenlust’s head office, showroom, storage space and shipping department imposing, light and yet snug.

The eight-metre-high mud walls create a feeling of peace and provide a pure, comfortable atmosphere. Mud provides perfect acoustics, which is the source of another ultimate experience at Oogenlust: that of sound. In damp weather the walls radiate a pleasant earthy odour: highly appropriate for a business such as Oogenlust, where nature provides the greatest source of inspiration for everything that happens there.

Dedication to sound
Bowers & Wilkins Architectural Monitor AM-1 is a winning combination of premium sound quality, discreet styling, durable construction and supreme flexibility. Suitable for installation in a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications, it’s the most durable loudspeaker Bowers & Wilkins has ever made.

Acoustics and sound
Sounds are absorbed unconsciously and they influence our behaviour more than we think. Monique and Marcel are thoroughly aware of that. They noticed the effect beautiful music has on people’s frames of mind and found the perfect partner in Bowers & Wilkins. With a clear understanding of the emotion of beautiful music, together they looked at ways of implementing their wishes in unobtrusive sound design at the entire Oogenlust domain.

Inside the Oogenlust building, the Bowers & Wilkins CI700 loudspeakers are integrated at a high level in the sidewalls. The rendition of sound is unparalleled and completely balanced through the off axis positioning of the bass and mid-high woofers. Everywhere you walk, the music seems to wrap itself around you and forms the perfect combination of seeing and hearing in this supreme world of experience.

The AM-1 loudspeakers mounted on the façades outside are almost design objects. They are custom sprayed in a durable, bullit-grey coating which reflects the natural look and feel of Oogenlust.

The Zeppelin, a wireless music system with airplay functionality, is used in the various charmingly designed consulting rooms upstairs, for when a more individual music choice is wanted.

Dreams came true
‘Experience’ is Marcel and Monique’s keyword for the enormous success they have achieved with their business. Domain Oogenlust occupies 5.5 hectares and is surrounded by rural scenery. Buildings along with the shipping area and the storage space, the premises’ house shop, offices, a coach/training company and an art gallery, make up 11.000m2 of the total. Add to that Oogenlust’s magnificent objects, intense colours, inspiring compositions, wonderful flowers and plants, and the perfect combination of seeing and hearing is created in this supreme world of experience. They created a place where you want to be and want to stay.

The upper floor at Oogenlust hosts a training facility with a large High-End boardroom. Multiple AM-1s are seamlessly integrated in the industrial look and feel, driven by powerful Balanced Design Rotel Amplifiers. The sound in the room is natural, clean, detailed and without any feedback at all listening positions throughout the room.

Loudspeaker Integration
AM-1: Architectural Monitor
CI600: In-Wall, In-Ceiling Custom Install Series
CI700: In-Wall, In-Ceiling Custom Install Series

Rotel: 15 Series