Restaurant Wiesen
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Music is clearly enhancing the experience and not overtaking it in Restaurant Wiesen. The seamless integration is an integral part of the pleasant atmosphere.

Dedication to sound
In search for perfection every matter counts, according to Yuri. Based on a very early culinary engagement, Yuri developed his classical style over many years, working with a variety of top chefs. While hosting their customers is his wife Jessie’s key activity, their joint passion is to serve beautiful, honest food creations, which radiate creativity and passion. Housed near the vibrant centre of Eindhoven Wiesen is comfortably relaxed and extremely focused on customer wellbeing.

Music in the kitchen
Yuri strongly believes that ‘music helps the creative juices to flow. When it gets too hectic and overwhelming, we just turn on a tune and we focus. One should consider the important role that it can play in terms of motivating the staff who are working there, not to mention in facilitating the creative process’.

A Michelin star doesn’t mean that Yuri is changing his philosophy. He’s there to cook for his guests and always mingles with them to get feedback about his creations and the general appreciation.

Bowers & Wilkins CCM663
Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 in-ceiling speaker is a winning combination of sound quality, discreet styling, durable construction and ease of install. The tweeter features adjustable off-axis treble response. The bass/midrange driver produces a cleaner, faster bass and a three-position EQ switch gives a better off-axis response. The blue Aramid fiber cone produces a remarkably clear and dynamic sound. Incorporating QuickDogs™ plug-and-play functionality it is quick and easy to install.

Exploded grilles

CCM663 in-ceiling speaker

Ambient sound
During the refitting process Bowers & Wilkins was asked to advise about the best possible sound design solution for Wiesen. The proposed design, size and floor plan proved to be challenging yet rewarding. Placing 16 CCM663 speakers and two in-wall subwoofers unobtrusively in the ceiling, at strategically defined places, resulted in a balanced sound stage with lots of detail and punch at every volume level. With the delivery of background music, guests can experience a stereo soundstage which is natural and non-fatiguing, with all frequency ranges audible in an optimal manner. The invisible ISW-3 subwoofers have been installed using the same grilles as the existing air con and are the only visible, yet harmonic design element. At Wiesen a lifelike, dynamic music presentation breathes realism and ambiance.


ISW-3 subwoofer

A often underestimated but important factor in successful restaurants is the overall acoustical behaviour of the space. Bowers & Wilkins always recommends a careful analysis of the room(s) to control the end result where sound quality is a key succes factor. At Wiesen an acoustic ceiling as well as dampening material behind the seatings was implemented. These adaptions truly paid off and Wiesen is a well recommended place with a Bowers & Wilkins sound signature. The relatively small size along with the successfully implemented acoustical elements result in a very intimate and enjoyable musical experience.

Situated in Eindhoven, the City of Light, Wiesen expertly captures the glow of its surroundings. Michelin star chef Yuri Wiesen and his wife Jessie created an authentic, modern restaurant with global influences based on classical techniques. Their total concept celebrates exquisite food, music and regional culture, served to guests in a unique and skilful way.

The relatively small restaurant is tastefully decorated and can seat approximately 36 guests. Wiesen hosts an inviting, lively space where casual and friendly hospitality sets the stage. Immediately after entering you feel the sense of quality and intimacy, with a great attention to detail. All furniture and materials are carefully chosen to match the desired natural look and feel. Guests feel part of the story by becoming immersed in the sound.

Loudspeaker Integration
10 x CCM663 in-ceiling speaker
3 x CCM664SR
2 x ISW-3 in-wall subwoofer

3 x Rotel RKB-8100