The centre speaker has the identical driver complement to the CT8 LR for precise timbre matching, but rearranged to suit its horizontal orientation. Shown here positioned below the screen, it could equally well be placed above, thanks to the adjustable midrange/tweeter head.

Some things don’t change. For 25 years Aramid fiber has been outperforming pretenders to its position as the number one material for midrange driver cones. Its woven structure resists the concentric standing waves that blur the sound from conventional cones, and presents the most immediate parts of the sound spectrum in all their true colours. Lending support is B&W’s FST™ technology: a foamed polymer surround that mirrors the mechanical properties of the Aramid fiber, absorbing residual resonances and bending waves in the cone. A formidable partnership.


Drawing (CAD)

Mail Drawing (CAD)